Could my transfer admission be revoked?

Hey guys, i am a transfer student and was accepted in April. I got in with a 2.2 GPA (i’m struggling and have had some HORRIBLE professors) but my gpa dropped to a 1.8 after another hard semester and some disgusting professor and a class that never met in person which wasn’t ideal for my learning.

Is it common for ASU to revoke admission? I want to still be able to attend and do my studies at a school where i’m not miserable unlike my last school.

I am sorry to hear about your bad experiences. It’s certainly great luck to get better professors.
I do not know much about such situations but we were told that if our GPA go below a certain level, we may have to take extra classes. I would suggest you to reach out your advisor and discuss your situation. There will be some way to continue and take that pressure off.
Good Luck!!

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I doubt anyone here would be able to answer this. I would recommend speaking with a counselor. Best of luck!
Idk but I missed both my finals for my CC this sem and was admitted into ASU, just don’t send those grades I think they just go off based on your application. Once you’re accepted I don’t think your CC grades matter unless they’re sent in.

Also, You should be fine I would recommend calling your academic advisor and scheduling In appointment through zoom