Could I get advice on this profile and potential universities for MSCS or MSDS?


UG Univ and Major: Computer Science and Engineering (From Visvesvaraya Technological University, India)

Target Major: MS in Computer Science or Data Science in top 100 US.

GPA: 6.5/10 on actual transcript, 2.88/4 by WES, 3.1/4 by Scholaro, 7.5/10 if considering last 60 creds/2 years (like ASU does)

GRE: Didn’t go well, scored 303 (151V, 152Q) after a month of studying, planning to give again maybe

TOEFL: Will give next month, confident of a high score.

Research Experience: 4 years as a ML Engineer in the US company’s R&D division

Work Experience:

  • 4 years as a ML Engineer/Data Scientist at a mid sized publicly traded US MNC in the supply chain domain
  • Intern for 6 months in same company in same domain (converted to FTE)
  • 1 month game dev intern
  • Volunteer for 2 years for a major gaming company and assisted with game titles such as Ashes of Creation, Conqueror’s Blade

LoRs: 3 strong LoRs - 1 from current manager (Director - R&D), 1 from US manager (Senior Director - R&D), 1 from college dean.

Term: Fall '25

Universities Shortlisted: ASU, Florida State University, UCB, Georgia State University, NEU, SJSU, TAMU, California State University LB, Purdue University, University of Virginia, UMass Boston

If there are universities I should consider in addition to the above, please share as well. Especially those that give a focus on last 60 credits for GPA calculation as I understand my normal GPA is below the cutoff of most application processes)

SoP will elaborate on the reason for my poor GPA, mainly tanked in first two years - but upward trajectory in GPA as semesters progressed.

I’m specific about the major as even for switching roles here in India, I need a MS degree in CS/DS to even get into equivalent FAANG roles.

Thanks in advance!

There is a high chance you will get an offer from the above schools that you have shortlisted, for more options - Georgi Tech - Stem program in CS, GRE - 153 Verbal, 155 Quantitative, Southern California- MS CS- stem-based, GRE not required, San Jose State University - MS DS, STEM, GRE optional, Georgi Tech- MS Analytics, STEM, GRE Accepted - score is also decent for the same, try for CMU - STEM, MS DS, GRE not required, Southern California Applied Data Science, STEM, GRE not required, WISCONSIN Madison, MS Data Science, STEM, GRE not required, California Irvine, STEM, GRE option

I can help you with more options, feel free to reach out for the same at:8368512579.

Sumpda Bajaj

Isn’t my GPA a bottleneck for those?

Your upward trend in GPA during the last two years, coupled with your strong professional and research experience, can significantly bolster your application. Many universities take a holistic approach and will consider your recent academic performance, GRE scores, work experience, and strong letters of recommendation. Highlighting your professional achievements and explaining the context behind your initial GPA in your Statement of Purpose can further strengthen your case.

For a better understanding, you can reach out to @moweabroad .