Connecting with prof

Emailing profs
Sorry if this sound dumb but I’m a freshman and idk what to do. I’ll have to miss the first week of school because of my sister wedding is the same week should I email my professor I’ll be gone for a week or does it not really matter for first week

I would email them and tell them you will be out of town. Ask them if there is anything you can do to catch up while you’re away, that way you can to stay ahead. Lucky for us, it’s silly week then and a majority of teachers just do syllabus and syllabus quizzes the first week. And some labs don’t even start the first week. I’m a senior and I wouldn’t be worried about missing the first week of school, just email them and give them a heads up.

usually in the syllabi it will say whether the professor wants you to contact them via email or through Canvas so make sure to look at that

First day/week of class is probably one of the most important because that’s when Professors establish attendance. Technically, if you didn’t email, any scholarship/grant aid could either be delayed or taken from you.

So yes, email!