Confused between canada and US

Hello people, just dove into the deep end of planning my MS in Engineering abroad. Canada and the US are on my radar. Anyone else in the same boat looking for the same course?

Count me in! I’ve been leaning towards Canada for its welcoming immigration policies, but the US has some top-notch programs that are hard to ignore. It’s a tough call. How are you guys tackling the visa application process? Heard it’s quite the hurdle.

Absolutely. I’m also aiming for the US, considering the cutting-edge research opportunities. About the visa, I stumbled upon some consultancy services like EducationUSA and Yocket, offering guidance. They seem like a good starting point to demystify the process. What’s your take?

I’ve been reading up on those services too. Plus, I found out that LeapScholar, in collaboration with Gyandhan, offers specialized support for students. Might be worth checking out, especially for tailoring our applications to stand out.

I’ve been a bit worried about the whole financial proof part. The idea of showing enough funds even before getting a loan approved is daunting. Any tips on navigating this?

Ikr, some friends who went through this suggested preparing documents meticulously and considering scholarships or funding options early on. Also, reaching out directly to universities for assistantships can be a game-changer. It’s all about showing potential as a candidate beyond just finances.

Exactly, and don’t forget the importance of a strong SOP and LORs. They can really make a difference, especially if your GPA isn’t top-tier. I’m focusing a lot on personalizing my SOP to share my journey and aspirations vividly.

Sounds good, speaking of which, how are you all preparing for the GRE? I’ve signed up with Target Test Prep based on some solid reviews, especially for quant. It’s been helpful, considering I haven’t touched math since my undergrad.

Same here, Target Test Prep has been a lifesaver. Plus, I’m revisiting chapters and doing spaced repetition to ensure I retain everything. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, right?

Exactly, it’s about persistence. Let’s keep sharing insights and resources. It’s reassuring to navigate this journey together. Cheers to making our dreams of pursuing an MS in Engineering abroad a reality!

Cheers to that! Here’s to all of us achieving our goals and maybe even becoming classmates or neighbors abroad. Let’s keep this support network strong.