Collateral required

Are there any options available for partial collateral and partial without collateral?

Hi Smruti!

Only NBFCs will be able to process such requests.

Banks do not offer such options. For instance, if you need INR 35 Lakhs of education loan for MS in Canada and your collateral value is INR 10-15 Lakhs only, you’re not eligible to get a partial secured and partial unsecured loan from banks.

However, NBFCs will be able to process your loan after considering your collateral value. You will be able to get a secured loan against your security and an unsecured loan for the remaining amount from NBFCs. So, NBFCs can provide a partially secured loan to raise the loan amount.

Hope it helps.

(and if it doesn’t, you can request a call back from our experts for further assistance and to know your best options.)