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Clemson University is a public research university that was established in 1889. This University is often called a “Doctoral university [with] highest research activity”. It was rated 21st in the National Public Universities by the U.S. News & World Report. The University offers more than 80 undergraduate majors degrees and more than 110 graduate programs through schools such as The College of Engineering and Science, the School of Business, The Eugene T. Moore School of Education and The School of Nursing.

Its engineering school, The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, was started in 1995 and is quite good for Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. For more information Clemson University Courses, Fee, Ranking & Admission | GyanDhan

Is Clemson a state university? Which is better? Clemson or UVA?

You are asking in what terms? Both are public universities. UVA is more expensive than Clemson in terms of tuition fee. UVA has a lower acceptance rate than Clemson because better faculty and lower teacher to student ratio.
But it also depends on the course you are going. Clemson has some good departments like Computer science (just an example). So what course are you going for?

I was looking for masters in architecture.

oh for that I can definitely say that UVA is better. I recently researched about the UVA Architecture program. It is also one of the universities listed in the Top Universities for Architecture in the US, if you want to go by QS rankings. So for architecture I can say with surety go with UVA.

If you want to go for Architecture in UVA, there are better colleges in other countries as well. Have you considered any college outside of the US? There’s UK, Netherlands Switzerland as well.

Hey Sidra,
Clemson is also a good university for Architecture. Granted, UVA has a better ranking but I’ll say not to go by ranking alone. Clemson is definitely cheaper than UVA. Also if you get an Graduate Assistantship, the fee would come down to $1,144, which I think is worth it. The university is also rising in rank if that helps.

Hi @pranidhi pranidhi, thanks for your input. If this is the fee for out of state students then I might go for Clemson only.

Hi @abhii, thank you for your reply. Please can you tell me colleges/universities you think I should look into?

Hey Sidra @Siddi.Piddi,
Check out universities like Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), UCL (UK), ETH Zurich, Manchester School of Architecture (UK). They are not as low-priced as Clemson but the degree holds good value. This should help you

Hi, can you also tell about the Computer Science department? What is the fees?

Is there any financial assistance provided to international students?

The Computer Science department of Clemson University is reputed and has good faculty. The courses are taught well. You will get value for your money. An estimated tuition per semester is $11,623. There aren’t any university scholarships for international students. However, you can apply for external scholarships. Find them here -

Can you also recommend some other universities as well? For Computer Science…

Some other universities for Computer science are -

Source -

Wat are some other courses from clemson that one can explore? apart from the ones discussed here

Some other courses that Clemson is known for are - Engineering, Business, Marketing, and Social Sciences. These programs are well known with great faculty and a good ranking.