Choosing the Right Texas University for Fall 2024: Insights Wanted!

Hello everyone!

I’m in a bit of a decision-making spot and hoping to get your input. I’ve been accepted into UTD, UTA, UTSA, and Texas A&M for the upcoming fall semester. UTSA has offered a $5,000 merit scholarship based on my high school achievements, which I’m thrilled about.

As a Texas resident, I’m leaning towards making the most financially sensible choice, especially since the AES at UTD was highly competitive. I am doing a major in biology and hoping to get to med school. I wish to know the perspectives on the quality of education, campus atmosphere, and opportunities at these institutions. Which university has the best research and volunteering opportunities? Any advice or personal experiences you can share would be incredibly helpful in guiding my decision. Thank you!

Nobody cares what undergrad you went to once you get into med school.

It’s like asking a college grad what high school they went to.

It’s just less and less relevant as you move on.

Go to the school that allows you to graduate with the least debt.

UTA has a good success in students going on to medical school and other health professions. And plenty of opportunities for students to get research experiences.

On campus housing is nice. And financial aid/scholarships is competitive.

The life sciences building is about to start renovation and expansion. And the smart hospital is fantastic.