Chances for MS in CS at ASU with 323 GRE, 105 TOEFL, and Cybersecurity Work Experience?

hi I have completed my BE in Electronics and Communication. But I am planning to pursue my masters in Computer Science. I have 323 GRE score and 105 TOEFL and 9+ cgpa. I am currently working as a software engineer in a cybersecurity company. Do I have good chances in ASU?


Scores are a lot better than me. I had a 320 in GRE 102 in TOEFL and 6.8 something CGPA so once you had a good score or an average score just use it is one of your tools it won’t be just a single tool you definitely as I said have SOP, letters of recommendation which you can score on.

Even though Shashi karan has a good profile but in case of a scenario where he doesn’t highlight his interest in SOP and the way in which professional life has worked out for him, if he is unable to highlight that then the professor reading the SOP wouldn’t find Shashikaran to be good enough to see how he takes things into hands so it’ll not give him a good University.

But the one who is able to highlight the terms which have interested them in the tech domain, they’ll definitely get a little boost in terms of getting their selection.

So although he has a good profile he had good chances in ASU but it depends on how he presents it and how the committee takes it.