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Get real-time information about Carnegie Mellon University from seniors who have gone through the whole process

This webinar session will be hosted by Hardik Gupta, who has completed his Masters of Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University. He will volunteer an hour of his time to answer your queries. Before Carnegie Mellon, Hardik completed his BTech in Information Technology from Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI), Mumbai. He has worked as Software Development Intern for Bennett Coleman and Co. Ltd. (Times Group) and then as Business Technology Analyst for Deloitte India. During his masters, Hardik secured a summer research internship with Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC) and also worked as a TA and RA at Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, he is working as a Data Scientist at Meltwater.

Here is how the Senior AMA works:

  1. Ask Qs now: You can start asking your questions right away right here.

  2. Answers via video: On Friday, October 4th, at 7 PM, Hardik will answer your Qs via a webinar, which you can join here.

  3. Answers transcribed for future reference: We will transcribe Hardikā€™s answers and post them in response to your questions on this page.

So can I post my questions here?


Okay thanks. Listing some questions:

  • How wise is the decision of choosing location over university reputation for masters in US?
  • In CMU (or anywhere else) have you come across any students from non-tech backgrounds (i.e. Bioinfo) studying in CS related fields? If yes, how difficult would you consider the acceptance rates of such students if they donā€™t have relevant educational backgrounds but relevant work exp (>3 yrs).
  • Can you please broadly describe some aspects of your SOP/Personal Statement, what you think were the best parts that led to your acceptance.
  • Is the market headed towards a recession, how difficult was it for you to land internships/jobs? Could you briefly delineate the process.
  • If someone applies for masters in two slightly separate domains and they get accepted into the second preferred course, would it be advised to take admission in that domain if they are hoping to transfer credits and take courses from the first preferred domain afterwards?
  • How much did you spend overall for your masters excluding any internship or financial aid?

You got an admit, in which program?

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What are the different career growth opportunities(or job roles) for MS in CS graduates in comparison to MS in Information Management graduates? What are the evident differences in the two courses?

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1.Is getting job in Data Science tough as its a specialized branch?
2. Since Data Science is still an emerging branch should one go for 12-16 months course or a 2 yr course?Also does it make any difference?
3.I want to pursue MS in DataScience but I have workex of 2yrs as software developer in finance domainā€¦should I go for MS in CSE only as I have prior experience and BTECH in CSE only?
4.Also can you share how you prepared your LOR and SOP.

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What are the differences between MS in CS and Info Management in terms of courses and job opportunities?

Posting it on Attendeeā€™s behalf
I have a background in electrical engineering and have interest in computer vision. I have two research papers. How would my chances in CMU computer vision be

A technical question about prodigy Finance. Let say my parents are able to afford my living expenses on a monthly basis but do not have a huge savings amount that they can show to Prodigy finance as ā€˜Proof of Savingsā€™. Have you faced this scenario, if so, what did you do about it?

Do you have any idea if how good is Engineering & Technology Innovation Management program offered by CMU as per the industry requirements? CMU offers dual Masters degree combining CS and ETIM.

I have 324 in GRE with 166 in Quants and 2 years Work Experience as a Software engineerā€¦ What do you think my chances are in MS CS and Info Systems?

What is your opinion of the robotics program from wpi? How does its program compare with that of cmu? If you do know about it.

What are the job opportunities in east coast compared to west coast in Computer Engineering course?

How does choosing descent university near to west coast over a reputed university near east coast will effect the job opportunities in Computer Engineering (Embedded systems)?

Is it possible or advisable to drop one semester(spring/fall) in between to get an internship, say after a year of doing MS? Have you seen people doing it?

Does taking an educational loan basically close the doors for any possibility of doing PhD after completing MS?

Are employers generally reluctant to hire international students seeing as they have to invest some time and resources to keep you in the company?

Lets have as the reputation of the university as the quality of education at the university. I would pick the quality of the education of the university than the location. Just to give you 2 examples, thereā€™s a college in Bahria which has very low tuition,and great location. And then there may be CMU, which is in Pittsburgh that is not a great location which is an upcoming hub. But the quality of education is much much much better. And I take a very idealistic standpoint on this and I would say that your primary motivation or primary purpose of going abroad is to have a superior learning experience. If you manage to get that then everything will follow. And I would definitely pick the quality of education of an institution over its location.