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I am currently in my last year if my B tech from a small private college.
My grades are slightly above average (7.1). My trade is CS.
I am looking to continue my higher studies in the engg field only. Probably MS from US or Canada. Currently, I am applying for MTech courses in IITS but I have heard that abroad studies are rather a better option. So, I want to know, does my low ranking college will have any negative impact on application. Will Universities in US and Canada look for the reputation of my grad college as well? And lastly where should I go US or Canada?

Nope. For US universities all Indian colleges are same. Except few IITs and IISC, Every institute has same level of reputation in my opinion.

The ranking of your last attended college does have impact while applying for MS in US or any other country. Although, in major cases, the impact is indirect like the exposure and quality of education you get in institutes like IITs, NITs or the elite private institutions is much better than the rest of the engineering colleges in India.
Now choosing the destination depends a lot on your overall profile which includes your GRE score, English lang test score, SOP, letter of recommendation, work ex, etc.
I would say getting admission in a Canadian University is comparatively easier than US in contemporary times and moreover, the Canadian Government has currently started various immigration programs for skilled labour. So, in my opinion if studying abroad is the target, then I guess Canada will be comparatively easier to get into.
Any case, all the best. If you have any other query DM me.

Agreed with your assertion that your chance to study in US or Canadian University is much higher than any IITs.
I don’t think so, the low ranking of your last attended college doesn’t have any negative impact. You may not get any benefit from your college nor will you have any negative. Probably, you may find your peer group from the colleges above your college rank. Thats the extent of it.
If you need any help regarding GRE preparations feel free to contact. Just message me directly. Good luck.

Yes absolutely, Studying abroad in every term is a better option unless you are going for arts, humanities, and social sciences courses.
The ranking of last attended college hardly matters much, at max it should be recognized by the relevant authorities. It goes for both of your target countries.
Now comes the important part of the question.
Which country should you choose? Canada or US? The answer to this question is very subjective.
I would rather say which country you can if your profile is not very impressive
If you have a good GRE score and your overall profile is impressive then I must say u shud choose the US instead of Canada. Although, there is not much difference between Canada and the US. In fact, the chances of staying back are much higher in Canada when compared to the US. This post-study visa option helps you a lot if you have taken an education loan to fund your studies as I did.
So, if you are looking for good returns on investment I must say you should go with the option of Canada. And Canada has also opened its express entry scheme. Who knows you can get a permanent residency and in few years citizenship.
All the best mate. Hope I was of some help.