Can I obtain a loan for travel and living expenses with a fully funded scholarship abroad?

I have received a fully funded scholarship to study abroad. Can I still get a loan for my travel and living expenses?

Yes, it is possible to get a loan for travel and living expenses even if you have won a fully funded scholarship for your studies. While the scholarship typically covers tuition fees and possibly some living expenses, there might still be additional costs such as travel, accommodation, and personal expenses that are not fully covered.

Many banks and financial institutions offer education loans that can cover not just tuition fees but also living expenses, travel costs, and other education loan-related expenses. Since you already have a fully funded scholarship, securing an education loan for these additional expenses might be easier.

Before applying for a loan, make sure to:

  • Compare different loan options and interest rates.
  • Ensure you have a clear budget to cover all your expenses.
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Securing a loan for travel and living expenses, even with a fully funded scholarship, is a viable option to ensure you have the necessary financial support during your studies abroad. By exploring various loan options such as education loans, personal loans, university advances, or loans from NBFCs, you can cover the additional costs not included in your scholarship.