Can i get 10 lack education loan

Can i get 10 lack unsecured education loan for Canada UG diploma in database administration.
My father is currently a salaried person (25k per month) , he also gets 20k per month pension
as he is retired from army.
My college is Canada college (Montreal) and fee of my course is 8500cad for 1 year
I want to include my GIC as well as 1st year fee in loan.
Thank you

Hi Rohit,

Unsecured loan for UG Diploma is very difficult but not impossible. For a loan amount of INR 10 Lakhs, the co-applicant income (without any EMIs as per the ITRs) should be 40k per month with excellent CIBIL score. Note: In this kind of loan, the EMI starts immediately i.e. you will need to repay from very first month after taking the loan. You can get the idea of EMIs here:

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