Can I do MS in CS with a non-cs background

I am navigating a career transition from a non-CS background, having worked as a data analyst for four years, I recently faced a layoff. Proficient in SQL and Tableau, I recognize a substantial skills gap compared to the current demands of the data analyst/data scientist job market. I'm contemplating two educational paths: Pace University's MSc in Computer Science for non-CS majors and NC State University's MSc in Analytics. I'm eager to gather insights and opinions from others in a similar situation.
Choosing an MS in Computer Science proves to be a superior long-term investment. While an MS in Analytics aids in entering the field, it may not overcome future technical advancement barriers in your career.

With a BA in Analytics and ongoing pursuit of an MS in Data Science, I believe Computer Science (CS) holds significant value. While Analytics programs may not universally excel, especially in the more challenging aspects, specialized degrees in Mathematics or CS offer a more robust foundation for in-depth learning.
I hope you got a little more clarity now. :slight_smile:

Considering your background, pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science with a focus on analytics might be challenging within a one-year timeframe. Not everyone enjoys pushing themselves to the extreme like I do. To prioritize your mental health, it might be wise to opt for a Master’s in Analytics instead.

Many online programs may confer a degree with a different title than the traditional in-person counterpart. However, our program stands out as one of the few that awards the same prestigious “Master of Science in Computer Science” degree whether pursued online or in person.

Choose Computer Science for deep coding expertise and software development, while Business Analytics focuses on leveraging data and statistics to solve business problems, using lighter coding. Both offer promising career paths, but tailor your choice to your passion for building software or using data for business insights. Pace is the good university when compared with NC.