Can I do MS in CS with a non-cs background

I am navigating a career transition from a non-CS background, having worked as a data analyst for four years, I recently faced a layoff. Proficient in SQL and Tableau, I recognize a substantial skills gap compared to the current demands of the data analyst/data scientist job market. I'm contemplating two educational paths: Pace University's MSc in Computer Science for non-CS majors and NC State University's MSc in Analytics. I'm eager to gather insights and opinions from others in a similar situation.
Choosing an MS in Computer Science proves to be a superior long-term investment. While an MS in Analytics aids in entering the field, it may not overcome future technical advancement barriers in your career.

With a BA in Analytics and ongoing pursuit of an MS in Data Science, I believe Computer Science (CS) holds significant value. While Analytics programs may not universally excel, especially in the more challenging aspects, specialized degrees in Mathematics or CS offer a more robust foundation for in-depth learning.
I hope you got a little more clarity now. :slight_smile:

Considering your background, pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science with a focus on analytics might be challenging within a one-year timeframe. Not everyone enjoys pushing themselves to the extreme like I do. To prioritize your mental health, it might be wise to opt for a Master’s in Analytics instead.

Many online programs may confer a degree with a different title than the traditional in-person counterpart. However, our program stands out as one of the few that awards the same prestigious “Master of Science in Computer Science” degree whether pursued online or in person.