Can i apply to gradschool with standing arrear

Hello everyone,
I wanted to know if I can apply with a standing arrear. I am currently doing the subject in my 7th semester and I will be clearing it by Dec end and will get the results of 7th semester in Jan. And about my profile, I have got 322 (169Q, 153V) in GRE, 8 in IELTS and my GPA is 8.05 after 6 semesters. I also have a research paper which is accepted in Springer’s journal. I am planning to apply to these Universities:
NYU Tandon,
UNC Chapel ,
Univ Cincinnati,

Can someone please tell if it’s alright to apply with standing arrear this fall and how it would affect my admission chances for these unis?
Thank you

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Hi @mohith01

Your chances of admission to any university are quite low with a standing arrear. You should clear your backlog before you apply to any university you have mentioned. This doesn’t mean that you can’t apply. Of course, you can. The university may grant you a conditional admission letter. But be sure that you can clear them in your last year of graduation.

Barring the standing arrear and the final year GPA, your admission chances are good.
You can submit your application to your target universities. If accepted, you will be required to submit proof of graduation and the mark sheet once you complete your graduation.

As for your GRE and IELTS score - these scores are impressive. However, one big negative aspect of your application is the standing arrear. Unless you clear it, your GRE and IELTS won’t account for much.

I would also suggest using the Admit Predictor tool to figure out your admission chances to your target universities.

Hope this helps you. If you wish to know anything else about masters from the US, post your query on this thread and I will get back to you.
All the best!

Hello ma’am, When I clear my arrear, I will only be able to apply after priority deadline for most universities. Are there any good universities in US which have priority deadline in Feb? And also for MSU, the last deadline is Jan 15 2022 however they accept applications later too they said in their website. In this case, Is it okay to MSU after their deadline is over? Would they look at my application too ? Also the admit predictor tool that you have tagged doesn’t take into consideration of arrears ma’am…

Hi @mohith01

This should help you -

Source - US Universities Application Deadlines For Spring & Summer 2022 Intakes

As for the MSU, I checked the website and they have a rolling application submission as well. So, you can submit your admission application after 15th Jan 2022. It means that they review the applications received and accept students based on the space available.
If you can submit the application by February 1, you will be considered in the regular admission cycle.

The admit predictor tool that I suggested using was for the final stage when you have cleared your arrears. Because, as I mentioned, admission chances are very low with arrears.
Hope this helps.