Can anyone tell me about the living expense situation in boston?

Hey everyone, received an admission from Northeastern and am curious about Boston’s living costs.

Would be great if you could provide a breakdown of the expenses (accommodation, meals, transportation, etc.), that would be fantastic!

Once you shift off-campus, rent can swing from $400/month at the lower end (think shared rooms) to sky-high figures. The usual range for most is between $1,000-$1,500/month, though there are folks shelling out more than $2,500/month for a solo place.

For laundry, it’s just a few bucks, and you’ve got your husky dollars for that. You could also try looking up the washer’s make and model to find a hack for bypassing the payment system.

T rides cost $2.40, and sneaking onto the green line is pretty common – practically everyone does it. The real expense comes from Ubers. Most prefer an Uber ride over the T unless the T’s super convenient. A $20 Uber split four ways isn’t too steep, but it definitely accumulates over time. Biking’s another solid choice – a decent bike off Facebook marketplace goes for about $50.

As for food, it’s as pricey as you allow it to be. Meal plans are a spectrum from $2,600/semester for 7 meals a week up to $4,405 for unlimited access. Total rip-off, in my opinion. Better to go for the 12 meals a week option. Food costs mirror those in any high-cost living area, but there are deals to be had around Northeastern, like combo offers or stamp cards (e.g., buy 10 salads, get the 11th free at Sprout). The real budget-buster is dining out at places like Barcelona Wine Bar or spots in the north end, where you’re dropping $50 per person.

In summary, Boston and Northeastern are on the pricier side, with the real standout being our steep meal plans compared to similar institutions in costly living areas.

Roughly 2k a month if you’re mindful of your spending but still want to enjoy life. Under 1k if you’re economical.

As a grad student, it is really expensive, it’s really expensive! You spend upwards of 800 for a shared room excluding groceries

Housing (on-campus) - 6k per semester. Unlimited meal plan - 4.4k per semester. Advantages of the unlimited meal plan:

My place is in IV, so super convenient since it’s just above the dining hall.

Can pick up snacks any time - think cereal cups, cookies, cupcakes, pizza pieces, ice cream, and more.

Coffee & tea on tap - a real saver compared to buying coffee daily.

Easy to refill water bottles with ice & any fountain drink you fancy.

3x daily visits to @Outtakes - a kind of mini-market where swipes let you grab snacks, sandwiches, drinks, etc. Honestly, I don’t grab much unless it’s stuff I really enjoy that they don’t usually offer.

The to-go containers are also unlimited, which is great.

For commuting, since I use the T a lot for work, I go for the $90 unlimited monthly pass. My advice? See what you end up spending on the T during your first month or so at school before opting for the monthly pass.

As for other expenses, personal items/toiletries and a bit of food run me about $30-40 a month, and for going out, I aim to keep it around $100 a month, if possible.