Business analytics from JSOM

So, I got an admission for business analytics from JSOM.

Could you all tell me what the course experience is like? -The academic rigour, the faculties and advising experience. Also, how is the college experience in general? What should I expect regarding social life, clubs and sports?

Hi @Ana1452 If you’re after some good financial aid, UTD is the spot! They’re known for making things budget-friendly. Academically, it’s a bit of a challenge, but in a good way – you’ll be on your toes, soaking in all the knowledge.

Now, socially, it’s not exactly a wild party, more like a cozy hangout. Think of it as a tight crew focused on studies. But hey, if you’re into that and want friends to stick with from high school, it could be your perfect uni vibe.

And, if you don’t have wheels, no worries. People find ways to get around. So, if you’re up for a learning-packed, community-focused adventure, UTD’s waving hello👋