BS to BA, need suggestions

Does it even matter which one you do? I just switched from the BS to a BA so I can add on a psych minor. I also switched into CS my second year here so I didn't have much room to add on extra classes with the BS. It's not about difficulty for me. I just don't want to take 100% STEM classes until I graduate after switching to computer science. Too techy for me.
Depends on what you want to do. Go scout those job postings. Then you'll know if you'll need it.

A big chunk of the industry doesnt require/makes no preference. But once you go specialist, there’s all sorts of qualifications they expect.

Wdym by going specialist?
Generalist vs specialist.

Market big vs market small.

I heard Jay barber is good, I’m going to take her next semester so if you end up choosing her lmk