Brexit’s Impact on Indian Students: The Silver Lining in the Chaos | GyanDhan

Over 39,000 Indian students came to the UK to pursue higher education in 2010. The number fell to 16,550 in 2016. The stats prove that the United Kingdom used to be a preferred study destination for international students. The reason was stricter student immigration laws. It made getting a student visa and finding work post-study hard. As a result, students from India and non-EU nations opted for more welcoming countries. Last year, however, the tides changed. Brexit made a positive impact on Indian immigrants hoping to study in the UK. 21,165 students got the visa required for higher education in the UK in 2018, while in 2017 only 15,161 students got it. That’s a 40% increase. Let’s explore the possible effects of Brexit for the Indian students further.

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