Best European Countries for Master's in CS for Indian Students: Affordable Options and Language Considerations

Hi everyone, I’m trying to decide where to pursue my master’s in computer science/software engineering/web development in Europe. Currently, I’m considering the UK (excluding London).

I have around 4 years of experience as a front-end developer in India and plan to take an education loan of around 20 lakh INR.

A friend who completed his master’s in Germany suggested looking into government colleges/universities in Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg, as they are very affordable. However, I’m unsure because I don’t speak any European local languages.

Is it a good idea to proceed with these options? I’m planning to start in the September intake.

Need your suggestions.

I would suggest United Stated or Canada for Computer Science related jobs, although, it’s a little difficult getting jobs, if you have a good profile, and apply for good number of internship, if your company in India is an MNC and if they have a branch here, you can get a job/internship here.

If you are committed to Europe countries, then, UK and Germany is the best. Germany is more affordable compared to UK. although, life is US is comparatively more affordable than UK depending on the state you are going to live in.