Auckland University of Technology

Is it worth doing an MS from AUT? What would be the total cost?

Auckland University of Technology and your Investment

Hello Sunil,

I will preface my recommendations by suggesting that while New Zealand is a beautiful country with great universities, we frequently hear of students experiencing challenges in New Zealand with regard to long-term professional employment. The economy has been on an upswing until recently but the country is small. This compromises the job numbers and more students end up looking for suitable professional employment related to their degrees than there are opportunities. That said, do study in New Zealand if you are a risk taker.

Auckland University of Technology has much going for it. The AUT Business School is accredited by AACSB, EFMD, CIPS, ACCA, CIMA and CPA and has more accreditations under its belt than Harvard Business School. The university is located in Auckland which is rated as the third best city in the world in which to settle. The New Zealand government offers one year post study work permits and allows spouses to work while in the country much like Canada does. Academic qualifications in New Zealand also serve as pathways to permanent residency.
Auckland University of Technology is a full-fledged tech school as you can see below from the breath of degrees and diplomas the university offers. It is ranked in the top 1.2% of the world’s universities.

As far as the fee structure goes, we find the tuition fees to be very reasonable. We recently discovered a university in Canada where the application fee alone was CA$500. It does not really matter in which country you live or run your “business.” You can still be a rip off artist and even be treated with respect.

Here is a sampling of the qualifications Auckland University of Technology offers from which you can choose:

Master’s Degrees

Master of Science
Master of Sport and Exercise
Master of Public Health
Master of Health Informatics
Master of Engineering
Master of Construction Management
Master of Communication Studies
Master of International Hospitality Management
Master of Global Business
Master of Marketing
Master of Business Administration
Master of Arts
Master of Nursing Science
Master of Business Management
Master of Engineering Project Management

Graduate Diploma Programs

Graduate Diploma in Business
Graduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management
Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise
Graduate Diploma in Science
Graduate Diploma in Computer and Information Sciences
Graduate Diploma in International Tourism Management
Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching
Graduate Diploma in Health Science
Graduate Diploma in Arts

Postgraduate Diploma Programs

Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science
Postgraduate Diploma in International Tourism Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Business
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise
Postgraduate Diploma in Science
Postgraduate Diploma in Arts
Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Accounting
Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Finance

You can start your degree either in February or in July. However, you need to plan well in advance for the New Zealand study visa because it can take time to obtain one. The New Zealand Government reviews every student visa application meticulously and hence your application needs to be letter perfect. I hope I have answered your question. Please write to us for more information.


Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is certainly one of the best universities in New Zealand. It has a QS Global Ranking of 442 and is among the top 300 Universities in the world according to Times Higher Education (THE) Rankings.

Overall job prospects inside New Zealand - especially after doing computer related courses - are not as good as those in the US and Canada. This also owes to New Zealand’s economy being based more on agriculture than on the IT sector, especially when compared to these countries. But if you are looking at a degree from one of New Zealand’s universities for a career in some other part of the world, New Zealand is indeed a good option.

Coming back to AUT, the approximate tuition fee for Masters is 39,655 NZ Dollars or 24122 US Dollars, or 18,37,539 INR. The best departments in AUT are Accounting and Finance, Art and Design, Communication and Media Studies, Hospitality and Leisure Management, Sports, Nursing and Business Administration.

If you are looking for options in New Zealand, University of Auckland and University of Canterbury are better options than AUT overall. However, it again depends from course to course.