Arizona State University vs University of Florida

Hi, could you guys tell which university would be better for Masters in Computer Science, ASU or University of Florida based on the recession going on currently in US and factors like job opportunities, location, coursework, cost etc. I have been really confused since they rank similar when it comes to their CS department based on my knowledge. Your insight would be really helpful, thanks in advance!!

For me it’s like : Been there, done that! Picking between ASU and UF for my Master’s in Computer Science was a bit of a head-scratcher, but after digging around, I chose ASU. Well, it offers a ton of opportunities with big tech firms and startups alike. The coursework and faculty at ASU really aligned with my interests, especially in areas like AI and machine learning. Plus, the vibe at ASU just felt more “me,” with solid support for navigating the job market, even with the economy doing somersaults. My friends are also looking to go there. But I think it totally depends upon your interests and comfortability.

Hi Lakksh,
So my point of view can be a bit biased as I am currently at ASU. obviously the recession is taking a toll , but not that much. The cost of living is pretty much similar from the time I joined the university and yeah, if you have skills and knowledge there are plenty of opportunities for you. The placements are good. There are a lot of good companies coming on campus, and they choose people based upon their capabilities. I do not have that much idea about the CS department , but i have a few friends there. I’ll let you know if i get to know more about it.

Those are some good points and I agree they do have good career services and lots of tech companies close by which is a major advantage. One thing is that I think, ASU and UF are similar in other aspects, and based on my knowledge, most interviews are online nowadays. So do you think it’s worth investing 20-25 lakhs more to go to ASU, cause that’s the difference between the total cost of ASU and University of Florida for 2 years including tuition and stay. @Lord_Voldemort

Hi Lakksh,
I am from the CSE dept and will be graduating this May. I would say this recession has a major hit on the US Software industry and its really tough at this point to get a job. I would say choose a University which is less expensive and where you can get an oncampus job easily. Not sure about FSU but ASU is pretty good for this. The only disadvantage is the expensive fees with ASU. If you think fees is not a big issue for you then i would say go for ASU since the rankings are almost similar. All the best !