?Are there any scholarships for average human beings?

Hi everybody! I’m in the process of finding scholarships for international students, and I’m really curious how to get one if I didn’t fly to the Moon, find cure for cancer or set up a Mars expedition. But for real tho, are there any big scholarships for international students without any academic achievements and with average grades?

Hi @Nica,

Most scholarships are merit-based and require a good academic record. They are competitive as well, so you’d need to showcase some edge in your application.

Apart from merit-based, you can also search for some need-based scholarships. I’d suggest searching the university website or the department website for these scholarships. The need of the student for financial support is determined by the university only, but do check the eligibility criteria. You can also get in touch with your target college and department to enquire about such scholarships.

I might be able to find some relevant scholarships for you if you can mention the following -
Target countries, target universities, target course, nationality, and your academic credentials.

Hope this helps. Waiting for your reply.

Thank you for your help)
My target country is the USA, and I’m going to apply to MICA, PARSONS, PRATT, SAIC, CALARTS, SVA and MECA
Course- animation
I’m Russian
I finished high school a year ago, my GPA is 3,4, I took IELTS (7,5) and the ACT(23)
Also, in 2019 I won the Fort Ross video contest ( it’s a research contest and the prize was a two week trip to the USA)