Are there any on-campus jobs?

Does anyone know any on-campus jobs that are hiring right now with the application still up on handshake?

just look at handshake?…. You can filter recently posted to see. You can filter to your needs.

@Riya_Mishra34 I have but I want to know if there are any jobs that have guaranteed openings because some of the stuff on there is already filled up but the application is still there.

@simran_joshi That’s why you filter and apply to fresh postings. Campus jobs do not stay up when filled. Other companies may not take it down to keep a resume pool. If you’re applying and not hearing back, the issue isn’t with the posting.

@Riya_Mishra34 But I have a friend that tried to get me a clerk desk job, and the job was still on handshake, but he told me the next day that position was filled for quite a bit. Despite that, the application had been there for a while.