Applying as the first year student

Hello everyone! After finishing high school a year ago I enrolled in the university in my country and currently I study there. However, I’m going to apply to an American college as a first-year student. And I’m really curious whether I should mention to the US university that I’m enrolled in my local college or should I just say that I took a gap year? IDK I just heard that universities in the USA are more likely to take the first-year students who haven’t been enrolled in any other universities before…

Hi @Nica,

If you are in First-year, then you do not need to mention that you had joined a local college. You can just mention that you took a gap year. However, if you are in your Second or Third year, then you will have to mention that you are a dropout. Along with it, you also have to mention the reason for dropping out.
Hope this helps!

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