Application phase!

Hey everyone! Just started my application for Pace University’s Master’s in Computer Science. The more I read about their program, the more excited I get. How’s everyone else feeling about this?

I’m with you. Pace’s curriculum looks solid, especially their focus on hands-on learning. But, diving into the admission requirements has been a bit overwhelming. How are you all managing the preparation?

I totally get what you are saying. The GRE prep is eating up most of my time, but I’m trying to stay organized. By the way, has anyone looked into the housing options near campus? Balancing budget and convenience is tricky.

Yeah, actually this is on my mind too. I’ve started exploring some student forums for shared accommodation options. Also, has anyone contacted current students or alumni for insights? It might help us get a real feel of the program as they know better than me or you probably.

Hi I reached out to a few alumni through LinkedIn, and they said that the university is great with a lil bit of hiccups, nothing serious though. The faculty is great and there are lots of clubs for different activities. You might find it interesting that they have cultural programs too. That is a plus point for me. It’s reassuring, honestly. Also, I’m focusing on beefing up my SOP—highlighting projects and internships that align with Pace’s ethos. What about you guys?

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Well, I have been working on my SOP too. I am just trying to look for the clubs related to robotics or AI or Machine Learning. By the way, has anyone thought about scholarships or financial aid? Pace offers a few options, but external scholarships could also be a lifesaver.

I’ve been looking into external scholarships and planning to apply for a few. It’s a bit of extra work but definitely worth the effort. Also, for GRE prep, I found some online study groups that are quite helpful. Maybe we can form one too?

That’s what I like, Let us make a group and I will connect with you guys on your personal chats. Sharing resources and strategies could really help us and boost our prep. And about scholarships, I’m compiling a list of options and would be happy to share it with you. Also, I came across this scholarship from Gyandhan, it kinda caught my eye. Se will research more about it and share with you guys

Sounds like a plan. Also, I’m attending a virtual info session hosted by Pace next week. It could give us more clarity on what to expect. Anyone interested in joining? I could share the link with you guys if you want to

Here it is. You can visit the website and look for specific sessions that you want to attend

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well ,I am interested. And Karan, I love the idea of a study group. It will help us to stay motivated and prepare with more enthusiasm I guess.

Hey guys,
I can be of some help if you wanna join Pace university. I have been selected and has been given a scholarship, so if any of you guys needs any sort of help. I am happy to help.