Anyone joining the mean green spirit here?

Hello people! Just stumbled upon UNT. Anyone else feeling the Mean Green spirit to join here?

It looks like people are not active much here👽

Absolutely! But hold up, you were saying something about the courses being overwhelming, right? 😅

I think so too. But i come here time to time if I want to ask something or wanna know about going abroad for studies and all that stuff. This gyandhan’s discussion forum has been really helpful for the past couple of days

Yeah, Naina, totally get that vibe. But Diya, what about the campus buzz? Any cool hangout spots you've discovered? 🌟
Oh, campus buzz is on point! But before we jump into that, have you checked out or researched about the hidden spots on campus to gather around and vibe together.
Hidden spots? Yeah, the Union's always bustling. But did you get a chance to explore the research scene? Any exciting projects to work on or any clubs to join? How great it would be to find a club related to Artificial Intelligence😍🤪
Hold that thought, what clubs and activities? Anything quirky adding spice to student life will be on the academic calender on the official website of the university I guess

"NERD ALERT":joy::joy::joy:

:joy::joy::joy::rofl: duhh!!!

Quirky is my vibe! But speaking of spice, any local food joints you've scoped out? I'm on a mission for the ultimate burrito! 🍕
Burrito mission accepted, what is the deal with sports? Any games or teams at UNT giving you that 'I bleed green' feeling? 🤡
But, let's shift gears to international student life. How's the support system? Any cool events we should be crashing that you guys know about?
Support is crucial! but do you have any housing tips? What's the lowdown on student-friendly neighborhoods around Denton?
Housing hacks are handy, any local events you've heard are absolute musts. Love being part of the community buzz. 🎉
Community vibes, let's talk future – alumni network. Any cool stories or successes that have you going, "Yep, that could be us someday!". Please do not judge people, I am just too excited about it😂😂