Anyone eyeing for the upcoming session?

Hey, guys! I was just checking out Gyandhan's discussion forum and read a lot of interesting queries and conversations here. Are any of you considering Cleveland State University?
Oh, totally! But I'm kinda overwhelmed with all the information here. It kind of is all over the place😮‍💨 How do we even begin with the whole abroad application process?
Tell me about it! I've got a ton of questions. First off, is Cleveland in Ohio, right? I need to get my geography straight. I never paid attention to Ms Tanwar. FYI she was my geography teacher. maaannnn was she good looking🤪😅
😂😂 Yeah, Cleveland is in Ohio. But hey, we're talking about Cleveland State here, not just the city. Also, now I wish I were in your professor's class

Boys being boys😏

For sure. I'm also curious about the campus vibe. You think they have those cool American college parties like in the movies?
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Oh, that's a must-know! I'm not going all the way to the U.S. just for textbooks and lectures.
😀 Agreed! 😎 The good news is, Cleveland State has a lively campus life. They host various events, I have heard about them from one of my school seniors who is studying there now and there are student organizations for everything. Check out the Viking Gaming Club for some fun, and there's a Film Society too!
That's awesome! And what about the weather? I heard Ohio can be pretty unpredictable. Are we going to need snowshoes for class?
I hope not, but I wouldn't be surprised. But hey, pack a good winter jacket! Ohio can get chilly. Layers, my friends! ❄️
And speaking of packing, remember to throw in some Indian spices. You might not find masala chai at every corner, but having a taste of home helps.
Good call! And about scholarships, did anyone find any good leads on financial aid or anything of that sort? Or do you know how to apply for Gyandhan's scholarship?
I've been digging around, and Gyandhan offers scholarship for going abroad on the basis of some parameters and also Cleveland State offers a range of scholarships based on academics, leadership, and even some for international students. Definitely worth applying!
Nice one!

And what about faculty reviews? We don’t want to end up with professors who are harder to understand than an ancient Sanskrit manuscript.

I did some stalking on RateMyProfessors, and most reviews seem pretty decent. Just avoid the ones with too many red chili pepper icons – that usually means they're tough! 🌶️

also, where did you find this GIF​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

nevermind found them​:smirk::sunglasses:

😂😂😂Noted! And I hope we'll find some good Indian joints, or at least places that know their way around a curry.
Absolutely! Cleveland has a diverse food scene, and there are Indian restaurants around. You might want to check out Café Tandoor for that homely spice.
Good to know. And what about extracurriculars? I don't want to be stuck in the library all day.