Any tips on how can I manage my finances?

Hey everyone, I’m joining JSOM’s MSBA program this autumn. Got a dean’s scholarship today, so my actual tuition is gonna be about 40k. Would love to get some advice from current students or alumni on how to cut down on expenses, or strategies to lessen the financial load? It’s still quite a bit of money for me.


Many congratulation on your admit and deans scholarship, you have already sorted your major bottleneck for big student loan debts in terms of cutting down on expenses here are 3 suggestions which worked for me though I have no scholarship so your saving still would be much more than me :slight_smile: -

  1. Taking a 2B2B on 1 year lease and share the housing with 4 more fellow students at UTD, I will highly recommend north side apartments, though the rent is bit more than other housing option but this is LIT apartments with so many things happening round the clock, university is 5 min walking plus exam centre is also only 5 min walk so more time for revision during exams :).

  2. Avoiding online food ordering and prepping your own foods. you will be saving at least easy 200 dollars a month by doing thing.

  3. Try to keep the momentum and score perfect 4 in first 2 semester so that your scholarship continues for the 2nd year as well.

One word of advise is don’t think to much on saving the money and also try to explore a little bit as this is the only regret you will have once you graduate no matter if you end up with 175K job or 75K job.

With your scholarship you have already sorted your expenses in a way that I can guarantee you and if at all inflation hits a little to much, @Team_GyanDhan helps actively in topping up the education loan, I got mine topped up by another 7 lakh.

All the best for your masters :slight_smile: