Any tips from seniors please?

Hi, I'm gonna be a freshman in August. What are some tips I need to know to start college and actually do well? How can I meet more people? How can I do really well in classes? I'll be a psychology major and a tech writing minor. What classes should I take by certain professors? lmk yall I need the help


Congrats on getting into UTA.

Tips would be like, Search for good accommodation and good roommates, have a full hour conversation with them before deciding, because you will be staying, cooking and stuff like that with them, so, it’s important. There are some situations where the roommates aren’t good or might have to relocate. It’s an unnecessary headache.

Spending more time in the library(We have an awesome central library), University center, and on-campus buildings than at home. Staying out will help you meet more people, and also get to know about the events, clubs, and sessions which happen daily. There is a lot of green cover on campus and seating.

To meet people, the best place is clubs, and you can get to know about clubs here, - MavOrgs At this website, it also has list of events happening on every day.

Attend classes, irrespective of attendance. Before registering to classes, it’s better to know how the professor teaches, the syllabus of the subject, and if any seniors can help you with topics and subject understanding. Submitting assignments on time, and projects will help you. It’s good to have communication open with the professor and TA.

I am an engineering student, so, I don’t know much about psychology, I will see if I can get you in touch with anyone. Another best option is Linkedin.

Always make sure to consult RateMyProf before signing up for classes. When it comes to performing well, remember that while some professors offer study guides, others might not. My strategy involves reviewing lecture slides before exams and noting down any highlighted or large text. For any general education prerequisites not related to your major, I took an art appreciation course that met just on Tuesdays for 2 and a half hours starting at 5:30 PM. I only attended three sessions and still could have passed it without attending at all. It was the easiest class I've ever taken.