Any suggestions for top-notch online MS in Computer Science?

Hello everyone! I'm currently in the midst of applying to the GT OMSCS program for Spring 2024. I'd love some recommendations for other top-notch online MS in Computer Science programs offered by universities in the US. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
The University of Pennsylvania's MCIT program is designed for students without prior CS experience. My wife is enrolled in this program. Additionally, UT Austin and UIUC offer online CS master's programs. UT Austin requires the GRE, while UIUC does not. Columbia also provides an online CS program, but it comes with a higher cost, equivalent to on-campus

What is the tuition for the MCIT program? When I was searching, my online search suggests it’s around $35,000. This puts it in the same range as the Cybersecurity Policy and Management Online Master’s at GW, offering a valuable comparison for your academic investment. So basically it kind of is up to you. All the best!!!

Yes it is around 35K.