Any Organizations Offering GRE Fee Waivers?

Are there organizations that provide GRE fee waivers for international students?

Yes, there are a few organizations that offer fee waivers for the GRE exam for international students. Here’s what you need to know:

EducationUSA Opportunity Fund Program: This program helps students from underrepresented backgrounds, including international students, with the application process to U.S. universities. They provide financial assistance for various expenses, including GRE fees. You can contact your local EducationUSA advising center to find out if you qualify and how to apply.

i-Scholar Initiative: This organization specifically helps African students aiming to study abroad. They offer resources and financial assistance, including GRE fee waivers. This can be a great option if you fit their criteria.

TheDream.US: Although primarily focused on undocumented students in the U.S., this organization sometimes has resources applicable to international students depending on their location and status.

Apart from these, it’s also a good idea to directly contact the universities you are applying to. Some universities have their own fee waiver programs or might offer assistance if you demonstrate financial need.

While finding a GRE fee waiver as an international student can be challenging, exploring these programs and reaching out to universities can help you find the financial assistance you need. Good luck with your preparations!