Any music majors here?,

Cleveland State University
Recently got accepted, was curious if anyone knew someone who went or went there themselves? Always wanted to go to Cleveland and visit, city seems like it would cater to me. Bonus to anyone who has been a music major or knows a music major at CSU.

@riiiyaa26 i go there right now! it’s a good school for what it is, but definitely don’t come here expecting any sort of traditional campus life. a majority of the student body are commuters so you won’t find a lot of areas to hang out and make friends. we all really just like to go to class and go home. unless you have any interest in theatre, if you get involved with the theatre department then you have a shot at making some good friends.

I just graduated with my undergrad and am about to begin a graduate program at CSU. I feel all around the school is fantastic and has something for everybody. Socially and academically I was never unhappy, and the school has incredible resources that you can take advantage of, just about all of them are covered with tuition.

Also, if you’re thinking about music at CSU I would highly recommend taking any opportunities to work with the theatre or film school! They’re always looking for talented music majors to collaborate with and whether you work on a CSU musical or a student film, you’ll get an awesome experience out of it!

I got my bachelor’s at CSU. Great school. I was in the business program, which I felt was excellent. Most of my professors had decades of real world experience and were very insightful. I also really like that the campus is fairly compact and all the buildings are connected. I was a commuter student, so not sure what the campus life is really like there. I think it’s mostly commuters, there definitely wasn’t a whole lot of socialization in my time there. You may not get the same “college life experience” you get somewhere like Kent or OSU if that’s something you care about.