Any High-Paying Job Opportunities in Machine Learning?

I am currently interested in machine learning and deep learning field. But I don’t know much about jobs of it. I have applied to several universities in the USA for spring-2020(ASU is one of them). However, I have recently seen people getting jobs around $300k as a software engineer in Tech giant companies(which is very compelling). Can you please explain a bit about jobs in ML with good pay, so I can carve my path for masters.

There are 3 major sectors in computer science:

Software development

ML or Artificial Intelligence

Big data or Data scientist

There are definitely jobs in machine learning but you have to be sure in what you have learnt and what you are seeking because definitely you are here to learn and all but when you go for a job they will seek for experience and if you fall short on that part in your field then it will be difficult for you to get that job.

My suggestion is that if you already have some experience in your field in India or you did undergraduate in that subject try to move on that part first, do your MS here.

First job is not easy to grab because so many students are applying for that job & for internships, there is hidden competition going on. I think 2 year experience would be an appropriate period for someone who is trying to make a shift to a completely new field.

Getting first job would be difficult without gaining experience in that field. People do it, they gain experience and if you are able to gain a lot of experience in ML field then it would be easy enough for you to gain job as you would be able to explain the recruiters and the companies that how you have transitioned from a particular field to the next one and how you have gained experience, that would be from the projects and whatever work you have done.

Now coming to 300K figures, once you gain a lot of experience, probably PhD students get it, it’s around 200 to 250 K for software engineers.

For those who are starting it ranges from 100K to 150K, if you are lucky enough and able to justify your knowledge what you have learnt and if the company thinks that you are worth it then they would offer you nearly 200k, that is a very rare thing.

I think 300k can be for PhD holders not for Masters.

Hello Sir,
Please discuss how valuable was your internship at BARC for your admission at ASU.
What are the other ways(other than GRE score) to boost my application for ASU?

I definitely have that on my profile. When I came to ASU I was searching for a part time job at a local startup so they were doing recruitment you can even interact with the owners, they were impressed seeing BARC on my resume. Most of the students get work experience from consultancies, from banking domain, from healthcare domain, but they had not seen someone in recent times having internship from research Institute. They saw BARC they understood what it was, they were impressed with it, I earned a place there very quickly.
But it’s ok if you have an internship in the tech field and if you can explain what you did there? what you learn? and how it resulted in the outcome? and how outcome was useful to the organization you were working for? I think having internships is good enough to explain your interest in that field.
Regarding to boost your application for ASU, not many things you can do about it, your undergrad score is fixed you can’t do anything about it. SOP you can definitely write a good one, you can write it in chronological order.
You can tell, how you got into the field of computer science & software engineering, how did you make sure that you are working in the field, how you gained knowledge and what interested you, if you write that in a chronological order I think that helps and Recommendations do help a lot, make sure that people write good about you. If anywhere anyone sees your recommendation and it doesn’t highlight your qualities then it would be difficult, you would just be in the pool of candidates who have applied and you would not be able to distinguish yourself from the vast pool. SOP and recommendation system helps a lot.
GRE score you can try to get above 300, like if you are seeking for average collages. Mine was 320 so I never thought of giving it again so somewhere around 305 to 320 is good enough to get into average colleges.