Any helpful tips or advice for incoming international students at UTA

What should I do? Help please
My current academic standing based on this past semester is academic dismissal for one semester. I don’t want to just wait for summer/fall to take classes again, so can I just go to TCC, take classes there and come back to UTA for the next semester? Will those credits transfer? I already emailed the school for next steps, but I’m not really sure what I should do right now because I have yet to register for any classes anywhere.

@ananika.kapadia Yes, definitely, and highly recommend doing so. You will save money and you may even be able to raise your GPA with the TCC classes. I agree with other responses to check that it will go toward your degree so you’re not wasting your time in the long run, but most lower division prerequisite classes transfer and are easier and cheaper at TCC/CC

courses taken at other schools dont affect your uta gpa. they’ll likely be easier and cheaper, but that won’t really help if your gpa at uta is low. maybe take some of those easy A classes here to boost your gpa.