Any hacks for midterms?

Does anyone have any study hacks for calculus midterms? What’s the secret to remembering all these formulas and the various rules for each concept?

As a UTA student prepping for my calculus midterm, I developed a streamlined study strategy that drastically improved my understanding and retention of complex mathematical concepts. I crafted digital flashcards for all key formulas, which I reviewed daily during my commutes. Each evening, I dedicated an hour to solving a mix of simple and complex calculus problems to build my confidence and skills progressively.

Visual tools became my best friend; using graphing software like Desmos helped me visualize functions and understand their behaviors, making the abstract concepts much more tangible. Additionally, I participated in a study group where we taught each other various topics, which reinforced my knowledge and exposed me to new problem-solving methods.

I also created concise review sheets for each chapter, summarizing essential formulas and typical problem types, which were incredibly useful for quick revision sessions. By focusing on understanding the principles behind the formulas rather than rote memorization, I connected calculus concepts to real-world applications, making them easier to recall during exams.

This approach not only prepared me well for the midterm but also made studying a more engaging and effective experience.

You can check with the professor or TA if you can carry a cheat sheet with formulae, that will be helpful. Ask them before carrying it to the examination room.

If it’s not allowed, you make a list of formulae in an order based on topics, understand which formulae come under which topic, and understand the reason and specifics of the formaulae. That’s the easiest way to get through calculus.