Any financial aid to international students?

Does University of Texas at Arlington provides any financial aid to international students?

They also award merit-aid to international students. Most notably, their AES program (Academic Excellence Scholarship) covers up to the full tuition amount. However, other than AES, they don’t have a lot of great scholarship options iirc. I’ve heard that they were kinda stingy this year, plus you also should know that you’re not eligible if you’ve taken a gap year. It’s generally a well known scholarship program nonetheless though.

Edit: Wanted to add that you can also apply for an out-of-state tuition waiver with the scholarship, like every other public university in TX (by law). The threshold for UTD is $1000, same as UTA.

Yes, they do. But it’s merit aid (a.k.a. scholarships), not need-based aid if that’s what you meant. You can check some of their scholarship offerings.

I actually know someone who is getting quite a good deal at UTA. He got a lot of scholarship money & combined with the OOS Waiver program, he basically pays no tuition.