Any experienced one in data science from pace uni?

Does anyone have experience with the MS in data science? I am considering applying for the Pace online program. Pros/cons would be helpful.

Hi Deepika! I’m not in that program, but my friend just completed her first year. She says the curriculum is quite comprehensive. Covers everything from machine learning to big data analytics. :bar_chart:

Hey! I looked into that program last year. The flexibility of online classes is a big plus, especially if you’re working alongside. But, heard from a couple of people that the networking opportunities aren’t as good as in-person courses. :thinking:

Thanks guys. Priya, does your friend find the coursework manageable, especially with other commitments?

She does, actually! She’s working part-time, but she says the coursework is structured in a way that’s quite manageable. They also have recorded lectures which help a lot. :+1:

That’s cool. Have you considered how you’ll manage the practical aspects of learning data science online? Things like hands-on projects and collaborations can be challenging remotely.

I haven’t but I was actually wondering about that. How effective can online collaborations be in such a hands-on field?

From what she mentioned, they use a lot of collaboration tools, and there are virtual labs. Not the same as in-person, but it gets the job done. Plus, you save on commute time. :smile:

True, consider the tech support and resources the program offers. Online programs heavily depend on good tech infrastructure.

Definitely something to think about. How about job placements? Did your friend mention anything about that, Priya?

Yep, she said the career services are pretty proactive. They do virtual job fairs and have lots of partnerships with tech companies. Sounds promising!

Sounds like a solid program. Just weigh in all these factors along with the fee structure. Online programs can sometimes be less costly than traditional ones.

But do check the alumni network in India. A strong local network can be crucial for job hunting here.

Will do that!

Thanks a lot for the help guys. :raised_hands::hugs::people_hugging::people_hugging: