Any alumni or existing student here? Need some guidance!

I am thinking about getting admission here so can anyone share their success stories of international students who graduated from UCM?

Hello KPatel, I am currently pursuing my masters from UCM and I am not graduated yet. Feel free to ask anything related to the course or university if you need.

Hi Kiran, at UCM my journey from student to tech startup founder was shaped by invaluable experiences and mentorship. UCM’s emphasis on real-world applications and sustainability directly influenced my venture into creating innovative tech solutions. The education, hands-on projects, and guidance from professors provided the skills and confidence necessary for entrepreneurship.

UCM’s nurturing environment allowed me to grow beyond academics, learning crucial lessons in leadership, problem-solving, and ethics, essential for my business and personal growth. This foundation prepared me for lifelong achievement and societal contribution, underscoring the impact of UCM’s comprehensive education.

As I build on this foundation, I cherish the supportive community, practical experience, and mentorship at UCM, key factors in my post-graduation success.