AMA series to put you in touch with seniors who’ve been there

Hi folks,
We are starting an AMA series to put you in touch with seniors who’ve been there, done that.

To kick this off, Abhishek Kumar - who completed his Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering at Arizona State University will volunteer an hour of this time to field your queries. Prior ASU, Abhishek completed his BTech in Computer Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute Technology, Nagpur and did his summer internship as a Software Research Intern at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and after that worked at Tata Consultancy Services as System Engineer. Currently, he is working for Walmart labs as Software Engineer 2 at Bentonville, Arkansas.

You can start asking your questions right away. Tune into this page at 6 pm on Friday, July 26th to get your answers. See you then!
Note: The AMA session which was earlier planned on 27th July (Saturday) at 7 pm, due to some reasons we have preponed the event to 26th July at 6pm on Friday. Please note the changes.

Planning for 2020. I have some questions regarding application process. Its overwhelming…

Can we put up queries related to MBA as well?

I need some information related to internships. Not enuf and user friendly info is available on the net.

Hi, please be more specific in your question.

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Sorry, but this will not be relevant to the Senior’s experience.

Internships are little bit hard to get as few companies (still plenty) are there offering internship as compared to full time job as they are not sure if the candiate can do number of things in just 10-12 weeks of internship time.

Having said that,there are always some part time jobs (technical and non technical) available for summer time.You can utilise that time to prepare for full time job opportunities as it takes a while to get used to applying a number of jobs and reaching out to recruiters…

Okay, will do that