Alumni noticing changes!

Hey everyone, CMSU (UCM) alum here, class of 2005! I just swung by campus and wow, things have sure changed. I couldn’t help but notice the campus printer center isn’t where it used to be. Does anyone know where it’s moved to? And what happened to the old fraternity complex? It’s completely vanished. Have all the frats gotten their own places now? How about the sororities? I did catch that panhellenic is still around, which is awesome. It’s really something, seeing how much has changed yet feels familiar all at once!

Oh, back when I wrapped up my undergrad in '15, the FratCastle was still the place to be. But, man, I’ve got some buddies on the alumni board for my old frat, and they’ve been saying the school’s been on a mission to dial down Greek life, chipping away at it year by year.

As for the sororities, they’re pretty much still shackled to Pan Hall for living quarters, but the frats? It’s a whole different ball game. They’re just a shadow of their former selves, really small groups now. Some have snagged a block of apartments, others have landed one of those big old houses between campus and where the Frat Complex used to reign, or you’ve got a handful of guys teaming up to rent a place and try to keep the spirit alive. But yeah, the word on the street is that fraternity life ain’t what it used to be; membership’s down big time.

And about the printer center, I’m drawing a blank there. But the massive library’s got a computer lab that’s the go-to spot for printing stuff. The union still might have a couple of spots to print though.