Advice for incoming international students at UTA. Any helpful tips?

Advice for incoming international students at UTA. Any helpful tips? It’s my first time living in the US.

Prepare for culture shocks lol. There are so many things that are normal here that were shocking (good and bad) to me. Examples:

The variety of food. Cheetos flavored stuff. Pickle flavored stuff. Cookies and cream flavored oreos (???).

Healthcare. What a scam.

Credit. You can’t do shit without a good credit score. I recommend you start building your credit as soon as you can if you intend on staying.

Guns. Guns everywhere. But I guess that’s just Texas or the south.

So many fun things to do and places to visit. That’s one of the things I loved the most. You want to go out with friends? There’s a huge list of options.

In all seriousness though. There are so many international students at UTA so don’t feel afraid because you’ll fit right in, no matter where you’re from. I recommend joining cultural organizations. If you’re from Latin America there’s an org for that. If you’re from Asia there are orgs for that. If you’re from Africa there are orgs for that. It might make it easier to adjust at the beginning if you meet people that have similar backgrounds or interests.

Welcome to UTA! :slight_smile:

@shroootii7 It’s a super diverse campus, take advantage of that. A lot of international students end up hanging out with people from their own country, and tend to have small clicks. Although there’s nothing wrong with with that, but it’s great to hangout and try and befriend all kind of people! It’s enrich your college experience.

Learn to cook! It’ll come in handy.

UTA, and the USA in general is an amazing place to be. You can travel, party and have fun, but don’t forget to keep your studies in check or else it’ll mess with your visa.

Work on getting a license as soon as you get here. A Texas state ID goes long way.