Admitted for Fall-2024!

So today, when I was checking myMav portal, I noticed that my Application status has been updated to “Admitted”. I’m still on the lookout for the official admission letter. I’m hoping to find some scholarship information in that letter. Just curious to know, does anyone have an idea about the likelihood of an international student receiving a scholarship? I’m not expecting anything substantial, just any small amount that could help reduce my tuition fees.
Also, I’m eager to connect with other Indian candidates aiming for Fall-2024.

Thanks and wishing everyone the best.

When it comes to scholarships for students coming from other countries, it really depends on a few things: what the school offers, the program you got into, and the rules for who gets a scholarship. Some schools have special money help for students from outside the country. This can be because you’ve got really good grades, you need the financial help, or sometimes they have funds just for students from certain places. Even though some scholarships might just give a little bit of money, every bit helps when it comes to paying for school.

Besides looking at what the school offers, you should also check out scholarships from other places like governments or groups that want to help international students. There are a lot of students trying for these scholarships, so try for as many as you can to up your chances of getting some extra money.

If you’re looking to meet other students from India who are going to start school in Fall 2024, try finding groups on social media or forums. There are usually groups for people going to the same school from other countries. Your school might also have a special office or club for students from outside the country that can help you meet others.