Admission in Masters in Computer Science


Is it tough to get admission in Canadian University for Masters in Computer Science, especially in University of Toronto or British Columbia?

I have 78% in total in Bachelors of Computer Science and 7 years of Work Experience as as Software Engineer.

Still consultants are not showing full confidence in getting admission in Canada and convincing for USA.

Reasons given by them : Good universities in Canada like Toronto, BC requires minimum of 80% in Bachelors and 7 years of study gap shall be a roadblock, which might not be the case in USA.

Please Help !!

Hi @sahilkalra29,

The eligibility criteria for MS in CS in University of Toronto is B+, which is equivalent to first division (87% - 89%) or 8/10 - 8.5/10 from an Indian institute.

Similarly for the University of British Columbia, the entry requirement is first division or a point 8 on a scale of 10.
Though, the 7 years of study gap might not create a problem, but both your target universities are tough to get into. The universities are competitive and would require a strong profile.
I would suggest you apply for US universities as well so that you have options.
Hope this helps!