Academic integrity check tools?

I’m an incoming international DSAE masters student and I was wondering about the specifics of “academic integrity” since most universities back in my home country do not enforce it seriously. Are there any sure fire ways to avoid plagiarism. Since most students refer to various sources of information for assignments and stuff, is there any method to ensure they won’t be flagged ? Any tools or resources for the same? Any information or advice would be helpful.


In my experience, I find that ASU adopts a similar approach to plagiarism as your home country. I personally believe that there aren’t many tools commonly utilized by assignment sites or professors at ASU. However, it’s advisable to exercise caution. With the advancements in modern AI technologies, it’s now possible to paraphrase your friends’ assignments to avoid plagiarism more easily. Collaborating with peers to complete assignments is a common practice, and you can cite this collaboration if any issues arise.

Here are some tools you might find helpful:

These tools can assist you in ensuring the originality and quality of your work.


The colleges and universities I went to so far took academic integrity very serious. In my last undergraduate semester two girls were thrown out of class because they plagiarized, and then couldn’t graduate that semester. To avoid flagging you simple use proper citation. If you take something from other sources, even if you paraphrase it, Just cite it and you will be safe

Back at my college / university, the only time plagiarism was ever taken seriously was during research paper publication.
Most cases of academic integrity violations I've heard of are people blatantly cheating like copy and pasting answers for homework, chatgpt for essays, sharing test questions. The sure way to avoid plagiarism is don't plagiarize, don't cheat if you don't want an academic integrity violation. There have been a few people who take proctored exams online and get flagged because of dumb things like their face was out of the video for a moment or talking to themselves or using notes when allowed to but those get reviewed and dropped. Just do the work and don't cheat and you will be fine
Thanks a lot. I hope you don’t mind clarifying a little more for me. Does something like framing parts of my answer off multiple references constitute academic integrity violations? Is it ok if I provide credit to my sources?
No problem. I think you are overthinking it a bit. You're fine to use any references, books, even chatgpt to help with courses as long as you're not plagiarizing by copy and pasting the references. If you're using quotes or something that's of course fine as long as you use correct references. As an example, for some of my coding classes for the later projects I would get stuck and get as far as I could then google for help and use them as guides inputting my own variables and everything. It would be plagiarism if I just threw the prompt into chatgpt and copy and pasted the answer and submitted it.
Ohhh. Damn. Thanks a lot fam. Ngl this has been really helpful 😊🫡.


Yes.There are many online tools available to paraphrase like grammarly, scribbr, quillbot etc… so you wont have an issue with that. Also, for the assignments which have plagiarism check make sure you submit few hours in advance so that you can check the plagiarism score and resubmit if required. Hope this helps !