Academic advising challenge

Academic advising appointments seem challenging to secure lately. I’m set to graduate this May and have summer courses lined up, but getting a slot for advising has proven to be quite a hurdle. I’m curious if others are facing similar difficulties in scheduling appointments.

CLASS will offer drop-in advising on Monday afternoons and throughout the day on Thursdays from 3 to 4.

Okay thank you that’s good to know. I’m a Human Dev & Fam Science. I’m not familiar with CLASS?

Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. With registration beginning after spring break, all advising offices should be doing some drop-in times.

Their website says they are doing virtual drop-ins next week.

I email the advisor directly. Not to set up an appointment just to get questions answered quickly. I don’t need nor want face to face interactions at time.

OP, your advising would be through the College of Education (not CLASS). Looks like they have Zoom advising options during Spring Break if you can’t get in this week: