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When you think about studying in France, you might draw an image of French lecture halls, cafes, and cheese shops. Education in France is certainly not delimited to it. In the last few years, France has been gaining immense popularity among Indian students. The post-study work permit and brilliant colleges, and universities have been a driving factor in this.  For management students, France has a number of universities that provide first-rate education with world-class infrastructure and exceptional professional value. One such widely popular and one of the most selective business schools in France is ESSEC Business School.  Established in 1907, ESSEC Business School is one of the 76 schools in the world that are accredited from AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS. It is the first school in Europe to get these accreditations.  ESSEC is a graduate school with programs arraying from Bachelor to Ph.D., a varied assortment of Masters' programs including Master in Management and Global MBA programs. Executive education programs are also offered here. The school has more than 6000 students, 162 permanent faculties of 37 nationalities. It's plain as a pikestaff that such high-quality education comes with a cost. But with the varied education loan options available by various lenders in India, abroad education funding has become more accessible than before. You can also check your education loan eligibility to gauge your chances of getting an education loan to deposit the ESSEC Business School fees. 

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Is France good for study?

Is living in France expensive?

France is an excellent place to study abroad owing to its rich culture and flourishing student life! Education in France can give you the opportunity to gain cultural perspective and get benefited from the educational infrastructure and thriving economy.

As compared to some big nations such as the UK or even the USA, living expenses in France are relatively lower. However, the country is expensive in comparison to other European countries in terms of overall living expenses.