6 Inspiring Indians Who Studied Abroad And Made It Big In India | GyanDhan

When Trump announced a temporary ban on H1B visas in June 2020, students were suddenly surrounded by sheer skepticism about their US dreams. The doubts were certainly legitimate considering the equally confusing times. Though the rules were relaxed later on, a million-dollar question that evoked in everyone’s mind is can those who return to India after abroad studies can still make it big in life & career? The answer is a big YES!   A job abroad is usually considered to be the next step of an international degree for many reasons. The international exposure, more opportunities,  vast job market, earning in a foreign currency, high salary packages, are just some of them. The top abroad student destinations like the US, UK, Canada, all boast of a booming economy and offer the students professional and personal growth. While the lure and benefits of an international job market cannot be denied, students often overlook their home country to build a career. Developing economies, like India, offer a burgeoning market, opportunities to explore, and make a successful career. 

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Is MBA good in India or abroad?

If you can get admit to a mid-level university abroad, it would be better than a MBA from a private institutes in India. To put it in a simple way, the return on investment of abroad studies is way better.

Really motivating for the students who want to study abroad. It will help them handle situations and challenges while studying abroad.