21 days to make Linkedin work

How to make Linkedin work in the best way? During the last year, during the period of the first Lockdown, the data recorded a 30% increase in content published on the Linkedin platform. There was talk of the phenomenon: “Everyone’s crazy about Linkedin”. Despite this acceleration of the most famous social business, the phrase I still hear repeated by many candidates I interview is: “Linkedin doesn’t work. Nobody calls me." In this article I want to give you some advice to push you to face a challenge: making Linkedin work by creating a routine in 21 days. Ready? Meaning of Linkedin Before understanding how to make Linkedin work, let’s see what it means. The name, as it is easy to imagine, derives from linked, which means “connected”, in the professional sense of the term, and from the preposition in, i.e. “with”. So it is the possibility for contacts to remain professionally connected to each other. Linkedin is of age LinkedIn is currently the most widespread social network in the business sector. If you want to make work connections and seize opportunities that come your way, it’s the perfect place to be. However, not everyone knows that Linkedin has come of age.