2025 Fall - Recommendations to improve my profile

Hi everyone! I am planning to go to US for Fall’25. My current profile is:

CGPA : 8.64 (Tier 3) GRE : 310 (167Q 143V) IELTS : 7.5 Internships : 5 month intern at a startup 8 months intern at an US based Fintech firm Work Experience : Almost 1 year Research paper: 1 Research paper published in IEEE and 1 in a national conference which I think doesn’t add much value Projects : 3 projects during my undergraduate years

I still have one year in hand and my aim is to improve my profile by adding more projects and certifications. Does adding more projects help me get a better college? If yes, can someone help me with ideas for projects.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi Priya,

You are onto a good start for your masters in the US for Fall 2025. Adding certifications or projects will only be helpful to you if they are in line with the Majors you opt for in your master’s.

The university put a lot of effort into understanding why you want to pursue that major from that college,. I think having some projects in line would help firstly in getting admitted and secondly, it might increase your chance to get a scholarship as your GPA is also good.

Paraelly you can work on a project that is in line with the United nationa Sustainable Development Goals 2030.


It’s a great profile you have, and also GRE and IELTS are good too. As you also have another year left to build up your portfolio, You have really good chances to get into really awesome universities. Adding more projects will definitely help you with getting into better university, and it also depends on how you showcase your work and knowledge that you have learnt.

Universities go through resumes, so, it would be better if you have a good resume, and all your work experience including your projects in it, and the deliverables and outcomes of those projects.

Best of Luck!