2 hr 45 Min Long Classes

2 hr 45 Min Long Classes. How bad are the nearly 3 hour classes? It’s going to be my first time taking 2 of them (one in the evening and another one at night on different days) and I’m worried I wont be able to pay attention for too long, my attention span barely lasts a regular 1 hr 15 min class. Any advice?

I love them, one less visit required to campus!

If you struggle with your attention span, they will be a good means to work on that before you enter the workplace.

I took 4 two hour and 45 minute classes that were 4000 senior level classes the recent fall 2023 semester, 2 of which were 7pm classes, and the other two which were 1pm and 4 pm. I got out just fine. They do seem long but they tend to end earlier. Like most of these classes I’ve gotten out in 2 hrs or earlier rather than the 2 hr 45 minute. Some professors will use the whole time, but in my experience most of the classes I have taken that were this long end earlier. I also had a few times where it was hard to pay attention but once you recall the information after class maybe the day of or the day after, it can help you remember what you learned. It’s really not too bad but if you had a schedule like my fall semester it does take a lot of concentration and trying to not fall asleep. Since you’re just only doing 2 classes that are 2 hr 45 min long, you’ll be okay. Just make sure you can eat before class or bring some supplementary snacks. And you only go to these classes once a week rather than twice so definitely keep up with the materials cause it can be easy to slack off and forget.

If it’s during the day, probably fine.

I had one that ended at 9 PM once though and even I couldn’t stay awake by the end of it, and I loved the professor and subject. YMMV.

Alumni here, personally these classes were almost unbarable, EVEN IF the professor ends the session a few minutes early, my attention span can barely do an hour fifteen as well and an almost three hour session is just not it. I would try my best to avoid them, especially if the class is math based, and try to get one that’s split into two hour fifteen sessions. Also some people in this thread have mentioned that most professor end the class 15 minutes early and while that is true it isn’t always the case, and there are days that it ends on time which just sucks. Regardless, choose what’s best for your schedule and you can always get a feel for the class in the beginning with the way dropping classes works so I suggest you try that.